The Myths about Organic Farming – Organic Agriculture Business

Vitoon Panyakul, the pioneer of organic agriculture in Thailand, spoke with the Young Organic Farmers 2020 about how organic agriculture is misunderstood on its most basic practices. Let’s explore its myth and how we can practically improve our farms while maintaining the farm ecology.

Chula Right Livelihood Summer School 2020

CURLS aims to promote the concept of Right Livelihood by living well on the earth. By bringing together laureates of the Right Livelihood Award and like-minded resource persons, with independent individuals from various backgrounds and different experiences, a platform will be created for sharing informative and inspiring intellectual dialogues and self-reflection, leading towards future Right Livelihood activism.

40th Anniversary of the Right Livelihood Award

The Education for Right Livelihood to Inspire Change – connecting activism and academia 21 February 2020 Chulakongkorn University, Bangkok As the Right Livelihood Award is approaching its 40th Anniversary and the Right Livelihood College is celebrating 10 years, our common global challenges are becoming increasingly acute and tangible when it comes to for example the climate crisis,…

Young Organic Farmer 2019

Straightening Young Farmers From Local Actions to Global Impacts 31 October – 3 November 2019, Chiang Mai, Thailand Eight young organic farmers from Bhutan, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Myanmar, and Cambodia came together at the 9th Young Organic Farmers organized by Towards Organic Asia and Maetha Community to learn about organic farming through in-depth and experiential…