About us

Towards Organic Asia (TOA) is a partner-driven network, managed by the coordinating team based on School for Wellbeing, studies and research Secretariat Office in Bangkok, Thailand.

Towards Organic Asia begins as an initiative of Vandana Shiva, a leading environmental activist, to strengthen and move forward the existing movement of agroecology in Asia. Inspired by the Bhutanese’s “100 percent Organic Country” policy and global movement of Gross National Happiness, School for Wellbeing Studies and Research started Towards Organic Asia (TOA) Programme in 2011 in collaboration with CCFD – Terre Solidaire, Thailand Green Market Networkand Suan Nguen Mee Ma social enterprise.


Our mission is to strengthen the organic network in Asia among diverse stakeholders, which will promote common understanding and cooperation in agro-ecology and social wellbeing. Towards Organic Asia will contribute to developing dynamic Asian models of agroecology for influencing policy and inspiring a wider movement within the region and beyond.


Towards Organic Asia envisions organic agriculture as the means to strengthen the spirit of community, economic sufficiency, and care for the Earth. A holistic and integrated approach to organic agriculture as not only a food production system, but that encompasses the interdependence between agriculture and traditional culture, self sufficiency, sustainable livelihoods, climate resilience, food and seed sovereignty. Towards Organic Asia is working to promote organic agriculture beyond certified organic as the heart of social transformation.



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